K A T H E R I N E    S T E I C H E N    R O S I N G  








I crave the peace and solitude that I find in nature -- interludes amidst the cacophony of life. In my paintings, I strive to conjure the mystery, saturated calm and deep reflection I experience when spending time in forests, and peering into lakes and ponds. My paintings spring from accumulated memories of forests and lakes.

I work on the edge of abstraction, teetering back and forth, blurring the line between image and meaning. Paring an image to its essence clarifies and distills the ideas like a meditation on change and interaction. Observing change and interaction in “natural” environments has a way of deepening understanding of the transformative passages in our lives.

I am driven by texture, color, and negative space. My painting process usually begins with the creation of a relief surface, using acrylic gel mediums to form a textured foundation on birch panel, suggesting bark texture or ripples on water. This initial texture is followed by many layers of paint to form subtle relationships between texture, color and light.